CD Mastering Services, CD Replication, CD Packaging and Jewel Boxes, CD Mastering supplies, CD slimline boxes, Compact Disc and floppy disk trays, Calendar Boxes, DVD and CD-R packaging, audio and video cassettes, audio tape reels, audio tape hubs and packaging items, Asian products--at El Mar Plastics, we have it all!


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CD-R, compact disc jewel boxes, CD Mastering services, CD Replication, Calendar boxes, CD Slimline boxes and more at El Mar Plastics!

El Mar Compact DiscsA leader in the audio and video media industry since 1966, El Mar designs and produces plastic and other needed components for compact discs, DVD, CD-R, video cassettes, audio cassettes, reels, hubs, packaging items, and other formats of tape and data storage.

Our modern 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse is stocked full of a wide variety of multi-pack CD boxes, video boxes, CD slimline single and CD slimline double boxes. We also carry calendar boxes and specialized CD and floppy disk trays. If you want it, we have it!

Replication and contract packaging services include CD-Audio, CD-ROM, DVD, and video cassette formats. We also specialize in CD-mastering services and CD manufacturing supplies. Call us to see how we can help you to meet deadlines and still meet your budget.

El Mar pioneered the design of special plastic CD spindles for CD handling and shipping for manufacturers.

Looking for Asian products? As an industrial products importer and exporter with Asia, Latin America, and Europe, we know how and where to get it done. Our buying office in Hong Kong is able to source a variety of products for your company...from auto mufflers to special machine parts, also wood, glass, foam, or fabric products.

El Mar is located in Carson, California just 15 minutes from either LA airport or LA Harbor. We're ready to serve you. Please give us a call so we can earn your business.

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